Alleviate Some of the Stress of Divorce

Work with a compassionate divorce attorney in Cleveland, OH

Divorce is difficult for children, who might not understand why they can't spend more time with both parents. Divorce can also take a toll on parents, who might feel like "the bad guy" due to the adversarial nature of divorce court. Kopec Law, LLC can help you navigate the complex process. Our local divorce attorney is making things easier for families in the Cleveland, OH area.

Attorney Kopec will be sure to...

  • Listen carefully as you explain your priorities
  • Consider your lifestyle when evaluating child support options
  • Discuss your child's wishes when suggesting custody arrangements

Attorney Kopec is familiar with local judges' decision-making and will argue for a positive outcome. Schedule a free consultation with our divorce attorney today.

Want to spend less time in family court?

Want to spend less time in family court?

Dissolution allows spouses to resolve matters like property division outside of court. You should still retain a family law attorney to protect your best interests; turn to attorney Kopec for representation. She has seven years of experience and has been recognized for her exceptional work.

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