Not All Attorneys Handle Delinquencies

Luckily, you've found a juvenile defense attorney in Cleveland, OH

Minors who commit crimes are considered delinquents, not criminals. But although judges are lenient toward delinquencies, they won't necessarily let juvenile offenders off the hook. It's smart to retain an experienced juvenile defense attorney to represent your child.

Kopec Law, LLC has extensive experience representing juvenile offenders in Cleveland, OH and Cuyahoga County. You can trust attorney Kopec to...

  • Walk you and your child through the process
  • Answer any questions you might have along the way
  • Give your child's case her undivided attention

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Serious offenses require serious advocacy

Serious offenses require serious advocacy

Not all delinquencies stay within the juvenile justice system. Some cases, like those involving robbery, rape and murder, can be transferred to adult court. If your child is being tried as an adult in Cleveland, OH or the surrounding area, contact Kopec Law, LLC right away to go over their options.