Think There Was an Error in Your Case?

Connect with an appellate attorney in Cleveland, OH

The legal system isn't perfect. If you recently lost a trial because of an error, you can request an appeal. Kopec Law, LLC can act as your appellate attorney in Cleveland, OH and the surrounding area.

Attorney Kopec understands the court appeal process for different sections of the law and knows how to have a true chance of getting an appeal. Request a free consultation with attorney Kopec today to discuss your case.

Trust Kopec Law with the appeals process

Trust Kopec Law with the appeals process

When you appeal a court decision, you're asking a higher court to review the decision made by the original court. This can seem intimidating but appellate attorney Kopec can handle the entire process, including:

  • Filing an appeal within 30 days of the trial in question
  • Preparing a written brief that summarizes why your case should be appealed
  • Making an oral argument in front judges, if necessary, to make your case

Want to learn more about the court appeal process? Talk to attorney Kopec today. She'll be happy to answer your questions.